My Morning Routine Step 1- Cleanse

Washing your face with water during your morning routine.

Here's my morning skincare routine Step #1.

Choosing the right skin cleanser for your face and neck every morning and night is important. There's an endless amount of different cleansers out there: liquid, foam, gel, oil, clay, facial wipes and more.  My 5-step skincare routine involves two types of cleansers. The first one is oil-based skin cleanser or body oil and the second is water-based cleanser, like liquid or foam cleanser. I find those two types the softest on my skin. The other types like wipes and clay cleansers involve an exfoliating process which isn't needed since exfoliation is my Step # 2.

One common misconception about cleansing your face is that one type of skin cleanser works for all types of makeup, dirt, oils and everything else on our faces. Instead, to fully clean your face and give your skin a refreshing feeling, you must first remove the oily stuff with oil-based cleanser. Then your skin is ready to be cleaned with a water-based cleanser. Think of this like first breaking down the oils and dirt on your face and then washing it all off to enjoy that natural state of refreshed skin. 

Start with oil-based cleanser to dissolve and melt oil-based products like makeup, facial oil, and night masks. I find this procedure works well with waterproof makeup. Right after that I wash my face with water-based cleanser (also called oil free cleansers sometimes) which gently removes my oil-based cleanser. For this you need to make sure to pick the right one for your skin type: sensitive, oily, normal, dry or combination skin to benefit the most. When choosing the right cleanser for your skin, it is essential to see how your skin responds to it. Even the most expensive products can irritate or cause breakouts. 

I always make sure to use Lucky Skin Electric Silicone Brush with water-based cleanser. I've been using it for years now and I can defiantly see amazing results. Even after one use I noticed how clean and soft my skin was. It removes dirt , makeup and dead cells easier without damaging my skin. The firming facial massage helps to prevent wrinkles, acne, blackheads.


It's worth mentioning that makeup remover is fine to use because it's oil-based and removes oils and makeup. However, you may already have an oil-based product in your bathroom that costs much less and dissolves makeup and oil just as well. For example, I use body oil to first remove makeup. This is essentially by oil-based cleanser. Then I use a water-based cleanser to remove the rest. Step one is dissolving oils and step two is removing them. This process is more gentle on skin and avoids unnecessary irritation. 

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This article is for informational purposes only. Ask your dermatologist before making any changes to your skincare routine.