4 Benefits of Removing Facial Hair

woman smiling after removing facial hair

Nowadays, the topic of facial hair and ways to remove it is widely discussed on social media and blogs. The truth is that most women have facial hair on their faces, especially on chins, above lips and some “peach fuzz” on the sides of cheeks. Due to many reasons, some women have more hair, and some have less.

In general, having facial hair is considered to be natural, healthy and nothing to be ashamed of. However, there is nothing wrong with wanting to remove it for several reasons. Some women question their decision to remove this hair for various reasons. Here are 4 benefits of removing facial hair you might want to consider:

1. Healthier-looking and clearer skin

When we remove facial hair by shaving or dermaplaning, we also remove the top layer of our skin that mostly consists of dead skin cells. When we do that, we help to reduce skin build up that may potentially cause breakouts overtime. Fewer breakouts and less dead skin equal clearer and healthier-looking skin. 

2. Makeup applies smoother

If you ever apply makeup right after removing “peach fuzz”, you will never forget the feeling of your makeup so evenly blending into your skin! Your foundation will glide smoothly, achieving the flawless, glowing complexion everyone dreams about. Some even notice that they end up using less product which saves you some money over time.

3. Skincare products absorb better

This might be the most convincing benefit for most of women, including myself, to go hair-free. When we remove facial hair, we allow our skincare products to penetrate deeper into skin. All the beneficial ingredients appear to absorb better into skin making them more effective.

4. Feeling more self-confident

Some women are more self-conscious about their facial hair and its completely understandable. If smooth skin, freshly shaved/epilated/lasered/waxed, etc. makes you feel like you are going to rock this world, go for it! There are so may solutions to facial hair removal so you can choose the right one for yourself according to your liking and your budget. Make sure to talk to a professional if it’s a more permanent solution.


This article is for informational purposes only